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The Gallinée Prebiotic Perfume-Free Cleansing Bar is a mild, gentle cleanser that respects the skin’s microbiome. Champions of pre-, pro- and post-biotics, Gallinée recognise the importance of a healthy skin barrier, which is why this cleansing bar seeks to create a balanced, resilient surface. Prebiotics are essential as they feed the good bacteria on our skin. Lactic Acid helps to fight dryness with its moisturising properties. Plus, it features an acidic pH of 5.6, making it perfect for cleansing your vulva (although not the vagina, which is self-cleaning). Shattering the stereotype that bar soaps are overly-stripping, this cleanser soothes, refreshes and protects the skin’s natural balance. Now fragrance-free, the soap offers a non-abrasive cleanse that’s gentle enough for use on the face and body. Gynaecologist-tested

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