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Perspi-Guard Antiperspirant Treatment is proven to provide complete protection from sweat and odour. Use just once or twice a week for full protection against sweating and odour. Perspi-Guard Antiperspirant Treatment What is Perspi-Guard Antiperspirant?Perspi-Guard Antiperspirant Treatment is formulated with a dual formula that requires application only once or twice a week to control excessive sweat and body odour. It can be used on most areas of the body, including arms, palms, and the soles of the feet. Why do people choose Perspi-Guard Antiperspirant?Perspi-Guard Antiperspirant is formulated using only the finest ingredients to help pr complete protection from sweat and odour while being extremely gentle on your skin. What are the Benefits of Perspi-Guard Antiperspirant?Clinically shown to stop excessive sweat and odour Suitable for all normal skin types Fragrance-free Can be used by both men and women Apply 1-2 times a week Suitable for underarms, hands feet and torso

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